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You start by sending us as much as you know about your premise. We will work with you over a series of five email exchanges or five half-hour phone/Skype conversations to turn your premise into a basic outline that includes the important and necessary story points.  The assumption is that you are really motivated and that we will do this over a two to three week period.

This includes the idea-to-outline step plus ongoing support in the form of feedback as you craft your first draft.. Includes extensive feedback on your first act (which is where the script's foundation is built) and five email exchanges or half-hour Skype calls as you move through the second and third acts.

Once you have a draft we will provide extensive script notes to guide you through your revision and then a second set of notes to help you with your polish. We will focus on plot, genre and character arcs. Support will be through five email exchanges or  five half-hourSkype calls for the revision step and three email/or half-hour Skype calls for the polish.

We will provide you with a written logline, synopsis, and comments on how your screenplay might fare in the marketplace; noting the strengths and weaknesses of plot and character arcs.  Work will be delivered via email.


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