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​"In my experience, there are very few people in Hollywood who really understand screenwriting on a profound level. John is one of the few." - Lionel Wigram, Producer (Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter) 

“Jule’s approach is clear, concise and above all practical. The Eleven Step Story Structure is not only essential for the beginner, but also a crucial refresher for the working screenwriter.”  - Rosalind Moore, Screenwriter (Home Improvement, Eight Simple Rules) 


"Think of John Schimmel as a doula of sorts.  He's your labor coach, there to feed you ice chips during the exhilarating and arduous process of birthing your script. John approaches screenwriting organically, intuitively, and with a reverence for the "truth" of story that almost makes it hard to believe he's a veteran of the studio system.  I'm privileged to have him in my corner." 

- Ana Maria Montoya, Nicholl Fellowship Semi-finalist, UCLA Extension Student​​

"Working with Lilliana is often the very best part of the writing process.  She's organized, deeply insightful, and wholly dedicated to elevating everything she touches.  She doesn’t miss a thing. She especially excels at character and comedy - but honestly, there’s nothing she can't help refine. Lilliana is the best!"

- Joshua Malkin, Screenwriter

"The combination of Jule’s clear, engaging style and exercises to get the writing going makes an invaluable guide to focus, shape and create compelling fresh screenplays.” - Irene Mecchi, Screenwriter (Lion King, Hercules, Hunchback of Notre Dame)

​“John has helped me shape my writing in ways that were wonderful and unexpected. He is sharp and precise and, most importantly, very honest. He is brilliant in his analysis and very caring and encouraging in his feedback."  - Student, UC Riverside MFA Program​

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