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From draft to production ready - $750

PLEASE NOTE: No script will be read prior to receipt of release form, contact information, and payment. Upon receipt of screenplay and payment we will email you with an estimated date of delivery of your notes. Please understand: some notes take longer than others, so there might be some slight variation from the date indicated. Right now, delivery time is running under five business days.

Price presumes a screenplay that is under 130 pages in Warner formatted script and that there will be a charge of $5 per page beyond that limit.

 Terms and Conditions: 1. Author is at least eighteen years of age. Author enters into this agreement with the express understanding that John Schimmel and/or Jule Selbo (Consultants) are to perform the above mentioned service as described on the "Getting started" page of this site, subject to the covenants, representations and warranties contained herein: 2. Author warrants that he/she, together with any co-authors, is the sole owner and author of the original work (Screenplay) being submitted to Consultants for evaluation. Author has the exclusive rights and authority to submit the Screenplay to Consultants upon the terms and conditions stated here. 3. Author indemnifies Consultant of and from any and all claims, loss or liability (including reasonable attorney's fees) that may be asserted against Consultanst at any time in connection with said Screenplay. If Screenplay is based on a real person or events or a previously published or produced work, Author warrants that he/she has obtained authorized rights to those persons, events, or properties. 4. Author understands it is his or her responsibility to protect his or her rights to the Screenplay either by registering it through the WGA ( or by copyrighting it. Consultant suggests that Author register or copyright Screenplay before submitting it for evaluation. 5. Consultants agree to use best efforts to protect the confidentiality of all materials submitted by Author, and of all communications between Author and Consultants, except with the express written permission of Author. Author affirms his/her understanding that Consultants have encountered and continue to encounter material which may have certain elements in common with Author’s Screenplay. Author agrees that he/she will not be entitled to either credit or compensation from the exploitation of similar material which has been independently created by Consultants or by an independent source. 6. Consultants make no promises or guarantees that Author shall realize financial gain as a result of these services. Consultants' sole responsibility is to provide to Author the best analysis of the submitted Screenplay we know how to do. 7. Author understands that the price of Consultants' work is determined in part by the page count of the submitted Screenplay, and that said page count is predicated upon Screenplay being in standard screenplay format. Consultant will inform Author by email if he/she feels Screenplay needs to be re-formatted. 8. Author hereby states that he/she has read and understands this agreement, and that this agreement expresses the entire understanding between Author and Consultanst. 

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