Providing a road map for the journey from idea through finished script

I was fortunate enough to attend two, five day classes Jule Selbo taught at the Cape Cod Writers Conference. What a fabulous experience! I was able to take my story from a conceptual idea to a significantly well defined screenplay.  Jule is an enthusiastic mentor with tremendous insight and keen listening skills. I'll happily rely on her experience and wisdom whenever I need direction in my writing.  ~ Kathy Aspden; screenwriter 

I have often said that John is the best story executive in the business.  He has an uncanny knack in developing and fixing narrative and character and in a collaborative field is often the only person in the development room who can somehow fathom the solution to an intractable problem with either.  John is an extraordinarily gifted story analyst and himself a vivid writer with a truly cinematic eye. Peter Samuelson, producer (Arlington Road); director of Media Institute for Social Change, USC Film School​


​Between the three of us we have worked as writer, producer, show runner, script reader, story editor, president of production, university department chair, professor, actor, comic, and author. We know the art and craft of screenwriting, the journey your screenplay will take once you enter the submission, development and production process. We know the criteria by which screenplays are judged and the hidden trapdoors that can lead straight to development hell.  We are script coaches, here to help you bring your idea to its best possible presentation.

​Our services cover the entire range of the writing process, from initial conceptualization through final polish. ​

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